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Monday, January 26th, 2009
6:49 am
Political Views
gabrielleabelle posted this quiz on her lj and I wanted to see how I'd score.

My Political Views
I am a left social libertarian
Left: 4.04, Libertarian: 4.09

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -4.23

My Culture War Stance
Score: -5.93

Political Spectrum Quiz

I'm about where I thought I was.
Sunday, January 25th, 2009
7:45 pm
Nabari no Ou # Thingy
This is a weird thing I saw someone to on a comm I'm in, and I felt like doing one myself for a different fandom.  I might make more posts doing this for more fandoms.  And perhaps some cross-fandom ones.  I'm goin' crazy!

RULES: Pick 10 characters from a fandom (Nabari no Ou) and answer the following questions.
Note: write the characters' names down in random order BEFORE looking at the questions.

1. Yoite
2. Kouichi
3. Raikou
4. Tobari
5. Yukimi
6. Kazuho
7. Miharu
8. Raimei
9. Shijima
10. Gau

1) Describe the children of #3 (Raikou) and #7 (Miharu). Are they good parents?
Their children would definitely be crafty little devils, with absolutely no fashion sense.  They would always get their way with everyone except for their parents.  Raikou would be a very loving father, but he may be prone to spoiling his children.  Miharu would counter-balance that, however.  They would be a well balanced couple that would raise wonderful little hellions.

2) Describe #5 (Yukimi) and #1 (Yoite)'s first kiss.
Yoite got injured in a fight and to try to make him less depressed and unloved-feeling Yukimi kissed the injury to make it better.  Yoite blushed like crazy and Yukimi laughed.   (You can leave it at that, or continue in your minds for yaoi.  I certainly wouldn't mind.)

3) How would #2 (Kouichi) react if #6 (Kazuho) were pregnant with #10 (Gau)'s baby?
He might be surpried, but he's seen weirder stuff happen.

4) How does #8 (Raimei) convince #7 (Miharu) to go with him/her on a date?
She probably wouldn't want to date him, but if she did, she'd probably just drag him off to the date.

5) Where would #9 (Shijima) and #6 (Kazuho) go for their honeymoon? How would #4 (Tobari) sabotage their honeymoon?
Somewhere warm where they would lie in the sun.  Tobari would splash them with water.

6) #6 (Kazuho) is in love with #1 (Yoite). #3 (Raikou) confesses his/her love to #6 (Kazuho). Whom will #6 pick? Does #8 (Raimei) think s/he made the right choice?

She would pick Raikou.  He's not dying and he's pleasant and will accept people's affections.  Raimei will think she made the right choice if Raikou is happy with Kazuho.

7) #5 (Yukimi) and #2 (Kouichi) must pretend to be a married couple. Why?
Well, obviously they would be undercover.... for something.... gay....

8) #10 (Gau) is moving in with #9 (Shijima). What do they fight about the most?
Dunno, but they would definitely fight about something, considering how neurotic he is with most people.  Maybe she's messy...

9) How will #4 (Tobari) prove his/her love to #1 (Yoite)?
Give him the Banten Kinjitsusho and allow Miharu to use the Shinrabansho.

10) #7 (Miharu) and #4 (Tobari). Love at first sight?
On Tobari's part it was, the pedo.  Miharu was indifferent to Tobari's existence, as he usually is.

11) What would #2 (Kouichi) give #9 (Shijima) for Valentine's Day?
... Catnip?

12) Under what circumstances could #3 (Raikou) and #5 (Yukimi) have a happy end?
They band together after leaving Kairoushu and... run an orphanage or animal shelter or something.

13) What would #8 (Raimei) like to change about #10 (Gau)? Does number #10 (Gau) approve?
... Maybe that he shouldn't judge people by his first impressions so much?  He might agree.

14) #2 (Kouichi) and #7 (Miharu) are together. Who is more protective of the other?
Well, Kouichi is definitely very protective of Miharu, even before they got together, but if Miharu gets past his indifference and really cares about Kouichi, he would go very far for him.  Kouichi would still be more observably protective, however.

15) Who is going to say I love you first, #1 (Yoite) or #9 (Shijima)?
Yoite, but that certainly doesn't make it anytime soon. 

16) Describe #10 (Gau) and #4 (Tobari)'s perfect romantic outing.
An outing with other people.  Perhaps one where they go and see a corny movie or something.

17) Who suffers from pre-wedding jitters, #3 (Raikou) or #8 (Raimei)? How does bridesmaid/best man #10 (Gau) soothe them?
Raimei.  Gau comforts her by reminding her of all of Raikou's best traits.  He has a very long list.

18) #6 (Kazuho) is a secret admirer. What presents will s/he make the wo/man of their dreams?
Drugs...?   Sushi...?  Ask her husband.

Current Mood: headachey
Monday, November 24th, 2008
6:35 pm
     November 15th was the busiest day I’ve had on the weekend for awhile. I babysat for the afternoon and then went to a party. Usually I just listen to music, surf the web, and visit my mom on the weekends.

    The girl I babysat was Barbara. I was babysitting her because her parents (Lisa and Allen), my best friend’s parents (Vi and Andrew, who I live with), and some of their friends were doing a Dungeons and Dragons run. Apparently, whoever they usually have babysit Barbara was busy that day, so Vi asked me to watch her. We spent most of the afternoon watching movies, which was uneventful except for when she was alternating between jumping on the bed and falling over telling me to catch her. We watched “My Neighbor Totoro”, which I haven’t seen since I was a kid. It was a lot more boring than I remembered. We also watched a Looney Toons video that was in Spanish. At least Allen paid me for watching Barbara. I probably would have babysat her even if I wasn’t getting paid, but money is good. Barbara went home around eight o’clock, and then I went down to the party.

    The party I went to was being thrown by my best friend, Laurellin, to celebrate her new room that we had built in the basement. Laurellin’s parents had been thinking about finishing the basement for awhile, but they decided to actually get to it when my brother moved in over the summer so that we could all have our own rooms (Alan moved into Laurellin’s old room). The party was fun, though I had a headache at the beginning of it from Barbara. I spent the beginning of the party hanging out with Alan’s girlfriend Kassie until he got home from work and joined the party. Then I spent most of the party talking to Will/William/Billiam/Thor. We passed the time by being extremely geeky at each other, which Gilmar joined in on for awhile. Also, at one point during the party, Laurellin got sick of waiting for Vincent to arrive so everyone at the party walked to his house to get him. It was very nice out even though it was raining slightly. I wish the weather was always as nice as it was the night of that party. The party went on really late because most of the guests were staying the night, but I went upstairs to bed around one because I was pooped. Then the next morning Vi made us all pancakes for breakfast, which was nice (even though she told me she did it because she didn’t think we had enough milk and cereal for everyone).

6:34 pm
    I’ve just recently gotten into the manga called “Bleach”. The main character is a guy named Ichigo, which means “strawberry” in case you wanted to know. He can see ghosts, and so can his little sister. One day his family is attacked by an evil ghost called a Hollow that eats souls. A shinigami named Rukia comes and tries to kill the Hollow, but she’s injured too badly to defeat it so she gives her shinigami powers to Ichigo and he kills it. Then he’s a substitute shinigami and kills hollows in Rukia’s place until she gets her powers back.

    I shall talk about Orihime to upset my friend, who can’t even spell her name she hates her so much. In fact, she has her name written into the deathnote she has (incorrectly I might add) along with a gruesome death that she has planned for her. Orihime is attacked by her brother’s soul that has turned into a hollow, and Ichigo goes to save her. He defeats him and Rukia erases Orihime’s memory and that of her friend who was there as well. Orihime has long orange hair and big boobs and acts like a ditz most of the time, and she’s good friends with Ishida who is in her arts and crafts club. Ishida is a Quincy which is a human version of a shinigami. He has quite the rivalry going with Ichigo, they fight most of the time and yet they’re like best friends.

    In a later episode, as Laurellin puts it “Grimmjow releases and Ichigo hollows and Orihime watches this (pron?)”. What it means is that Grimmjow has gone into his more powerful form to fight Ichigo, and Ichigo has brought his hollow half to the foreground to be more powerful. They’re fighting, and Orihime happens to be there. Ichigo won the fight, and went off with Orihime and Nell.
This concludes my exciting “Bleach” description.
6:31 pm
    Here’s some context on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, in case it’s not a show you’ve watched. The main character is Buffy, and she’s a slayer (someone who is supposed to kill vampires and demons and other evil things). She moves to Sunnydale after she burns down the gym in her old school, and she meets her new watcher (someone who directs the slayer in what she should do to protect people, telling her about different demons and upcoming apocalypses) named Giles. He works in the library at school. Underneath the library is the Hellmouth, which is pretty much what it sounds like.
    At first she gets along well with a girl named Cordelia who is popular but she eventually realizes this girl is petty and shallow and makes friends with less popular but much cooler people named Xander and Willow (and Jesse who dies in the second episode, what an unimportant guy. In fact, it took quite a while just to remember what his name was). She meets Angel(cakes) who helps to advise her about upcoming apocalypses as well, and is a vampire with a soul, but Buffy doesn’t find that out until the end of the 1st season.

    At the end of the first season, Buffy dies (she drowns) and so (as per the legend) another slayer rises to take her place, so when Xander performs CPR to revive her you end up with two slayers in the second season, causing some fun confusion. Later on, Willow becomes a witch and starts dating a werewolf named Oz, who is awesome. My favorite character in “Buffy” is Spike, who is a vampire that is a lot more human-like than most soulless vampires and then gets even better when he gets a soul at the end of season 6. He is very funny and sarcastic and helps to keep everyone from getting too stupid.
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